Thursday, 30 August 2012

Garden of evil

Not content with ruining the lives of its customers, TfL has apparently branched out and begun harassing people who don't even use their services, tearing down the car park garden of Anne Naysmith, a.k.a. The Bag Lady of Chiswick.

Image pilfered from the link in the text above.

Now, admittedly the headscarf might have fooled TfL officials into believing a harmless old lady was an evil Islamic terrorist (after all, what do those bags contain?), but what really puts paid to the reasoning that the collection of shrubs, flowers and subsistence vegetables was a "security hazard" is the way that it sent its goons round when Ms. Naysmith was away.  How about doing the decent thing and talking to her, or at least giving her some advance warning?

It's times like this I'm glad I don't have a garden of my own.  Invading our private property to further its quest to suck all the pleasure out of the universe is undoubtedly the next step.

UPDATE: TfL is now lying: "TfL insisted the work had been carried out simply to replace a section of damaged fencing that was a security risk. A spokesperson said: 'The contractors were not aware of the special significance this piece of land had for Miss Naysmith and their primary concern was dealing with a safety critical issue. Obviously we very much regret the distress caused to Miss Naysmith.'"

Cowards.  Cowards to not admit it knew exactly what it was doing.  Didn't know of the significance of the land to Miss Naysmith?  It was a fucking garden!  It was obviously special to and tended to by someone.  I don't actually care about the garden, I care about the lying, which is typical of TfL's disrespect for all and sundry.

Oh, and if they very much regret the distress caused, presumably they'll be replacing like for like?

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