Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Been busy again

Big radio silence, eh?  It's been busy at work!

Still is, in fact, so this is going to be a very quick one: yesterday morning's train was six minutes late arriving in Waterloo (all withing the TfL network).  The tube was two minutes late, and that made me five minutes late to work overall because it was a later tube than I could have taken had the train been on time.  And then I add two minutes more for it being Paddington, not Edgware Road, that I had to travel to.  So seven minutes overall for £17.50.

Last night, the tube was actually two minutes early arriving at Waterloo from Paddington, but that only put me on an even keel with how the situation would have been had Edgware Road not been closed.  Further, it didn't let me catch an earlier train, so no real effect on my journey.  The train to Hersham was then two minutes late, accrued within Zones 1-6, so that's £5.

This morning, the train from Hersham was six minutes late by the time it arrived in Waterloo.  Two minutes of that was outside Zones 1-6, so only four minutes charged.  The connecting tube was two minutes late.  Plus another two minutes for it being Paddington, plus another two minutes to account for the earlier tube I could have taken had I not incurred the four minutes delay on the train, so six minutes in all.  Making 10 minutes in total for the journey and £25.

Altogether since the last update: 19 minutes and £47.50.

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