Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Today's post brought to you by...

This morning's journey in came with a two-minute delay to the train from Hersham, cause by it sitting somewhere between Surbiton and Waterloo (i.e. within TfL's sphere of influence).  'Luckily', the connecting tube was also running two minutes late, so I still caught that one.

Nonetheless, that puts me in work two minutes later than advertised on Journey Planner, and another two minutes for having to travel further to Paddington, rather than Edgware Road (owing to that station's unnecessarily long closure).  £10.

On the lighter side, could all tube stations be about to be renamed after new corporate sponsors (as in the case of the O2, formerly the Millennium Dome?  No.  Not by the looks of things...

Still, if anyone has any particularly good suggestions - and they have to be better than these weak jokes - feel free to leave them in the comments!

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